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About Family Eye Clinic in Arkansas

At Family Eye Clinic in Little Rock, North Little Rock, and Sherwood, we pride ourselves on providing top-tier family eye care for all of your loved ones. With four Doctors of Optometry, two of whom specialize in administering pediatric eye care, your family's eyesight rests in expert hands. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment with one of our optometrists.

Pediatric Care

Dr. Roger P. Neal O.D., P.A. and Drs. Law  specialize in pediatric eye care.   We try to make the child/young adult very comfortable in the process, from start to finish. 

Preventing Blindness

Dr. Bryant Ashley Jr. has provided vision care for families in Arkansas for more than 35 years, treating the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of some of his patients. As a member of the North Little Rock Lions Club, Dr. Ashley has made blindness prevention his number one priority. Together with Dr. Neal and Drs. Law, they manage the treatment and prevention of cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. He monitors the eyesight of his patients with diabetes to help them prevent blindness caused by diabetic neuropathy.

Primary Care and Ocular Diseases

While all four of our doctors practice primary family eye care, Dr. Kristin Law and her spouse Dr. Marcus Chase Law, have both served residencies at Veterans Healthcare System of the Ozarks where they pursued specializations in ocular diseases.

Eye Exams and Vision Exams

Optometrists perform eye exams and vision exams. An eye exam scrutinizes the structure and health of the eye itself, while a vision exam covers the sharpness and focus of your eyesight. One vital part of the exam, tonometry, or the i-care, screens you for glaucoma, which causes pressure in the eyes and eventually leads to blindness. Early detection and treatment of glaucoma can preserve your vision longer. All of our doctors specialize in corrective services to restore single-focus vision, correcting double vision, and reducing blurriness, along with prescribing and fitting contact lenses.

Contact Our Optometrists at Family Eye Clinic

Our eye doctors will assist you with eyeglasses, contact lenses, urgent eye care, and eye health issues. If you live in or around North Little Rock, Little Rock, or Sherwood, call one of our locations today or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.