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YAG Capsulotomy

Family Eye Clinic - YAG Capsulotomy

Family Eye Clinic is dedicated to providing top-quality eye care from an optometrist near you. Our eye doctor is knowledgeable and highly trained to provide care for various conditions, including cataract surgery post-op. Let us help you get the treatment you need to see clearly and improve your overall quality of life.

YAG capsulotomy

YAG Capsulotomy

YAG capsulotomy or posterior capsulotomy is a laser surgical procedure to remove cloudiness after cataract surgery. The cause of the cloudiness is either wrinkling or cloudiness of the intraocular lens that's inserted into the eye after the original lens is removed. Once the process is complete, light can enter and pass through the eye normally once again. This laser surgery is effective and safe for most people.

Comprehensive Eye Care

If you're currently having issues with cataracts or have noticed that your vision has become cloudy after cataract removal surgery, please contact us to begin an assessment. From there, we can determine why YAG capsulotomy is a good approach to correcting your vision once again. Regularly monitoring your vision and alerting your eye care professional to any changes are the best ways to prevent further vision deterioration and get a good outcome after any procedure.

We offer comprehensive eye care so our patients can get the treatments and eye care they need to monitor and maintain their vision throughout their lifetime. From routine eye exams and myopia control to cataract removal and YAG capsulotomy, we can help you maintain good eye health and clear vision.

If you're looking for an eye care provider to help you monitor any changes in your vision or eye health, we can provide regular services. We can do an eye exam initially to help determine your vision quality and detect any issues that may need to be addressed. After your initial visit, we can provide you with regular eye exams to help determine if any changes have occurred and take action if necessary.

Contact Us Today For Optometry Services

If you would like to learn more about YAG capsulotomy or any of the services we provide to the area's residents, please reach out to us. Our office team can answer any questions you may have and offer details about the availability of consultations, the types of payments we take, and the insurance we accept. We offer exceptional eye care to help ensure you can maintain vision quality.