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Pink Eye FAQs

When you may have pink eye, it's important to see an eye doctor near me to get an eye exam. A vision exam can help to determine what's wrong with your eyes and what can be done for them. An eye doctor is necessary for giving you your yearly eye exam as well as to help you when you have pink eye. When you need an optometrist, call our optometry center to see your optometrist in Little Rock for treatment. Pink eye can be highly annoying and uncomfortable, and it can affect the way you can do your daily activities. We at Family Eye Clinic are here to help.


What Is Pink Eye?

Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, happens when the conjunctiva of the eyes gets inflammation. The conjunctiva is an area that is a thin layer on top of the whites of your eyes as well as inside the eyelid to protect them. Inflammation in these areas can be caused by many things. Anytime a patient gets pink eye, it can be extremely frustrating and uncomfortable. It usually doesn't become a serious condition, but it can be highly contagious and annoying. If you think you have pink eye, you need an eye exam from the eye doctor. 

What Are Pink Eye Symptoms?

There are several different pink eye symptoms that patients may have. The exact symptoms you get may depend on the type of infection you have. One or both eyes could be itching or burning, and the affected eyes will generally turn pink or even red. Your eyes may continuously water. You can have mucus discharge from your eyes, and you might get cold symptoms from it. You could have soreness under your jaw or in the area in front of the ears. Your vision may be a little blurry. 

What Are the Causes of Pink Eye?

There are many different kinds of pink eye that you can get. A common type is a viral infection that also causes a cold in patients with pink eye. You may get pink eye from a bacterial infection. You can get it from having a chemical agent too close to your eyes and the eyes becoming irritated and inflamed. You can also get it from a foreign item getting into your eye and irritating it. Eye allergies can also cause it. 

Schedule an eye Exam with Our Optometrist in Little Rock

If you need a vision exam from an “eye doctor near me,” in Little Rock, the optometry professionals at Family Eye Clinic are ready to assist you. Call us today for more information or to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor.