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Eyeglasses FAQs

Eyeglasses are a great vision correction method that many people prefer over contact lenses. With these eyeglasses FAQs, you can learn more about eyeglasses and how to best choose a pair for yourself. When you need an eye exam in or around Sherwood, North Little Rock or Little Rock, contact Family Eye Clinic to schedule an appointment.

A girl putting eyeglasses to a man

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Eyeglasses?

There are many benefits to wearing glasses, and they make this vision solution perfect for a wide range of people. When you get your eye exam, you will get a fresh prescription for your glasses. This ensures that your eyeglasses will correct your vision as it currently is. Glasses do a great job of correcting vision, and many people also appreciate the way they look.

It's common for people to consider their glasses as a part of their personal style and a way to express themselves. There is also the advantage of glasses being simple and easy to handle. They don't require any other supplies as contacts do, and there is no learning curve needed when you start to use them.

How Do I Pick the Right Frame Shape?

The shape of the frames is a major factor in the way the frames look and the way they make your face look. The shape that you choose should work to make your face look like it's in better harmony. First, you need to know which shape your face is. Then, you can choose a frame shape that goes well with that shape. The frame shape should make your face be perceived more like it's oval-shaped.

You can do this by checking how different frames work with your face shape. If you have a round face, for example, you might want a rectangular or oval-shaped pair of frames to change the way the shape of your face looks to be more like an oval. Try on several shapes so that you can exclude a few and make your choice of frames much easier.

How Do I Pick a Frame Color?

Like the shape, the color is highly important to the way you look in the glasses. The frame color should go harmoniously with the color of your face and hair. Hold up a few different colors to your own coloring to see how well they go together. The color should never clash with your own.

Get An Eye Exam in Little Rock, AR

With these eyeglasses FAQs in mind, you should understand eyeglasses a little better. If you're in the area and need to see an optometrist for new glasses, contact Family Eye Clinic to make your appointment.