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Glaucoma Surgery

A diagnosis of glaucoma can be scary, but there are treatments for this condition, including glaucoma surgery. However, you can't get back any lost vision. It's essential to see an eye doctor near you for your eye exam every year to be tested for glaucoma. To see an optometrist in Sherwood,  North Little Rock, or Little Rock, AR call Family Eye Clinic's optometry center to make your eye exam appointment. 


Glaucoma Basics

When you have been diagnosed with glaucoma, that means that the optic nerves of your eyes have been damaged. This nerve can be found behind the eyeballs and can sustain damage when your high has high pressure inside it. When the eyeballs have a pressure that's too high, this can cause the optic nerve to become damaged, which can seriously affect your eyesight. Once glaucoma begins, it will keep stealing your vision and can eventually cause you to be blind.

Glaucoma Surgery

There are a number of treatments for this condition, including medications and glaucoma surgery. When your glaucoma progresses despite getting treatments, you may need surgery to keep it from progressing. This can be an effective way to stop the progression of vision loss, but you can't get back the vision you've already stopped. Different kinds of glaucoma surgery can be done on patients, and their general goal is to relieve the high pressure in the eyes. 

Trabeculectomy is one of the types of glaucoma surgery that might be right for you. This surgery takes less than an hour and is performed in hospitals. There are different types of glaucoma, and for those with open-angle glaucoma, this is usually the right kind of surgery for them. An incision will be made underneath the eyelid so there won't be scars visible. This will allow the fluid inside the eye to drain more easily, relieving the eye pressure.

Patients are awake during the procedure and are kept comfortable with numbing drops added to the eye. It's an outpatient surgery, but patients must have someone there to take them home. When a patient has implant surgery, they have a longer surgery that helps the eye to drain with the help of an implanted shunt. This will allow for lower eye pressure. 

See an Eye Doctor near Me at Family Eye Clinic 

When you need to see an eye doctor, it's important that you don't wait to get an appointment. If you have glaucoma, it's essential that it stays monitored so that the optometrist can determine the right treatment for you.