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Cataracts can affect your vision and make tasks like reading or driving challenging. Along with that, if they are not treated, they can get worse over time and lead to vision loss. At Family Eye Clinic in Little Rock, Sherwood, or North Little Rock, AR, we provide eye exams to accurately diagnose cataracts and provide treatment to help you see clearly. 


What are Cataracts?

Cataracts develop on the lens of your eye, causing it to thicken and become cloudy. They typically occur with age, however, they can develop in younger people as well. Most of the time, the lens can be replaced with a synthetic one, which can provide you with sharper vision. Our eye doctors will generally wait until your cataracts are well-developed before removing them.

Do Cataracts Cause Symptoms?

The main symptom of cataracts is a loss of clear, bright vision. You may also have trouble seeing well in low lighting and experience blurry vision that's not easily corrected with eyeglasses or contact lenses. Once you have cataract surgery to replace the lens, you’ll be able to see well again and can eliminate the use of glasses or contacts if you prefer.

What is YAG Laser Treatment?

YAG laser treatment, also known as YAG capsulotomy, is a treatment used months or years after you've already had cataract surgery. It's designed to treat the posterior capsule, which is a membrane in your eye that can become cloudy with time. As a result, it negates some of the effects of your cataract surgery and can dull your vision again. Our optometrist can provide you with information on the process and how it can improve your quality of life.

How Does YAG Capsulotomy Help?

During YAG laser treatment, a small opening is made on the posterior capsule, which lets light in and provides clear vision. There aren't any surgical incisions required and the procedure takes about 15 minutes. Along with that, the recovery time is short and you should see an improvement in your vision within a day.

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If you have any symptoms of cataracts, our team at Family Eye Clinic in Little Rock, North Little Rock, or Sherwood, AR, are happy to help. After evaluating your condition, we can recommend the necessary treatment that will improve your vision. To schedule your appointment, contact our Little Rock office at (501) 888-7533, our North Little Rock office at (501) 758-1015, or our Sherwood location at (501) 835-7800 today. When you need an optometrist near you, we are ready to assist you!