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Dry Eyes

Dry eye can cause uncomfortable symptoms that make it tough to work, drive a car, and perform everyday tasks. Not only that, but the condition can also impair your vision if it is not treated. At Family Eye Clinic in Sherwood, North Little Rock and Little Rock, AR, our optometrists offer safe and effective dry eye treatment, including IPL therapy, to reduce your symptoms and help you see clearly. 

dry eyes

Symptoms of Dry Eye

Dry eye can lead to a stinging sensation or feel as if there is something in your eyes. You may also experience light sensitivity, redness, and blurry vision due to the condition. Along with that, it can cause difficulty driving at night or using contact lenses. If you are experiencing any symptoms of dry eye, our optometrist can determine the root cause of the condition and create a treatment plan.

Causes of Dry Eye

Your eyes normally have a tear film that are made up of three different layers. Any changes to this tear film can cause dry eye. Not only that, but if your glands don’t produce enough tears or the tears evaporate too fast, it can also lead to dry eye. You may have medical conditions or inflammation in your eyes that are causing the condition as well. Since dry eye can increase your risk of eye infections and damage to your corneas and other eye surfaces, it is important to seek treatment.

Treatments for Dry Eye

At our practice, we offer several treatment options for dry eye. Before providing treatment, our optometrists will evaluate your tears. We may recommend eye drops and medications, which will increase tear production. Our eye doctors can also provide contact lenses that you can wear comfortably or IPL laser treatment to help reduce your symptoms. When you visit us, we will perform an eye exam and determine the treatment that would be safest and most effective for your condition.

Contact us for an Appointment Today

If you have been experiencing symptoms of dry eye, contact Family Eye Clinic today for an appointment. Our eye doctors can provide treatment, such as eye drops and IPL Therapy, to reduce your symptoms. When you are searching for an optometrist near me, our team is happy to assist. We have locations in Little Rock, Sherwood and North Little Rock, AR for your convenience.