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If you choose eyeglasses for your vision correction method, you are in good company. Glasses are popular around the world for both their vision correction and their classic good looks. If you are in the Little Rock, Sherwood, or North Little Rock areas and need your annual eye care appointment, contact our optometrists to schedule your eye exam appointment at Family Eye Clinic.


Choosing the Right Glasses Shape

If you already know that you want eyeglasses to correct your vision, finding just the right pair of frames can be a real challenge. Many people look for a favorite color or shape, but those may not be the best shapes and colors for your particular face. Before you choose your frames, assess your face. Are there features that you want to up-play or downplay? What is the shape of your face? When you know these variables, you can choose frames that work well with your face. For instance, if your face is round, you should avoid round frames, or your face will look even more rounder. If you have a wide forehead, you may want narrow frames so that they don't bring more attention upward.

The Color of Your Frames

The color is another important aspect of the frames that affect the way your face will look. Instead of just choosing a color that you like, take the time to try on different colors to see how well they go with your coloring. The colors of your hair and face should go well with the frames so that there is no clashing. A good color that goes well with both of these variables creates a more harmonious look.

The Features of the Lenses

When you are ordering your new eyeglasses, you will have several options that you can add to the lenses. These options include features like an anti-glare coating. Adding features to your lenses will generally cost more, but it can be a great way to get what you want from your glasses. If you spend a lot of time looking at screens, an anti-glare coating may be just what you need.

Choose Your Eyeglasses at Family Eye Clinic

If you need new glasses, you first need a new prescription from an optometrist. If you are in the Little Rock, Sherwood, or North Little Rock areas, give our eye care center a call to make your appointment for an eye exam at Family Eye Clinic. We will perform a comprehensive exam and walk you through the process of getting the perfect pair of glasses.